Occitania Chamber Orchestra

The Occitania Chamber Orchestra is a group of twelve musicians from the Toulouse area all from elite schools. We tend to work without a conductor as every musician pays close attention to what the others are doing to create a sense of cohesion and harmony. We have a truly understanding friendship that's reflected in the music whilst keeping a sense of freedom and joyful creativity.

The O.C.O. regularly plays with major soloists such as Isabelle Moretti, Bernard Soustrot, Etienne Péclard and especially rising stars: Déborah Nemtanu, Yann Dubost, Magali Leger, Stéphane Rougier, Sophie Teboul, Fanny Azzuro, Sébastien Giot, Vadim Tchijik, Tasso Adamopoulos, Anaïs Constant, Arianne Wohlhuter, Philippe Mouratoglou, Julien Martineau, Adélaïde Ferrière, Juliette Hurel, David Bismuth, Trio Léogé and more.

The Occitania Chamber Orchestra can perform as a smaller quintet formation or as a fuller orchestra e.g. with a small wind section or guest conductor. The orchestra has previously been conducted by Quentin Hinley, Marc Soustrot, the Toulouse Garonne Choirs and Stéphane Delincak.

"This ensemble has a very important aim: to spread their love of music throughout our great new region, but also on international stages in order to promote all these talents in relation to the Haute Garonne department". Bernard Soustrot.


Colmar fête le Printemps est organisé par l'Office de Tourisme de Colmar en partenariat avec la Ville de Colmar.

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Le Festival Musique & Culture est organisé par l'Association Musique & Culture au printemps de Colmar avec l'aide avec la Ville de Colmar

Président de l'association : Jacques Geismar

Directeur : Hubert Niess


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