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Etibar Asadli (Jazz),

Etibar Asadli was born in Baku in 1992. He began learning the piano in 1998 at Bulbul Music School in Baku and given his fascination with composition, he joined the composer faculty at the Baku Music Academy in 2009. During his studies he composed countless symphony pieces (no less than 11 pieces, themes and variations for piano, one sonata, two preludes for violin and piano, three pieces for flute and piano, a romance and a symphony ouverture for a large symphony orchestra). 

Etibar Asadli has taken part in several competitions, festivals and public events and performed in America, France, Britain, Switzerland, Cyprus, Turkey, China, Russia and Georgia. 

In 2014 he performed several times in Switzerland and joined the Rast group to take part in the 48th Montreux Jazz Festival. In October he presented a solo project at the International Jazz Festival. In November 2014 he performed a jazz-come-mugham composition as part of the Buta Art Festival in London. 

Since 2015 he has staged a variety of concerts in France such as in Béziers to introduce French audiences to jazz mugham, Flers in Normandy, Paris including a performance at Le Réservoir Club and in Mulhouse at Les 2 Mondes Festival. The 26 year old has forged a musician-composer career with enthusiasm and singularity fulled by his audience's passion.


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