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Marie Puzzuoli, Flute

After studying under Sandrine François at the Strasbourg Conservatory, Marie Puzzuoli got her Musical Study Diploma from the Paris Conservatory "with flying colours" in Michel Rousseau's class. She wanted to continue her studies abroad and joined Gaby Pas van Riet and Birgit Engelhardt's class (piccolo) at the Musikhochschule in Saarbrücken where she got an Orchestra Musician Master with honours from the panel.
She also takes part in international competitions and won first prize in the piccolo at the International Young Flutist Competition and first prize in the flute at the Young Talent Competition. She is also sponsored by patrons in Germany (Bruno und Elisabeth Meindl Stiftung) and France (Lions Club).

With a focus on the musician's role in society and new creations, she's also studying a contemporary music course in Stefan Litwin's class. She has performed in myriad ensembles including the Ensemble für Neue Musik Saar with which she was involved in countless creations.

Alongside her Master, she joined the Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt initially as an academician then as a solo piccolo substitute for 2 years. She regularly performs with various orchestras including the Ensemble Via Nova, Wallonia Chamber Orchestra, Occitania Chamber Orchestra, Deutsche Philharmonie Orchester, Mulhouse Symphony Orchestra, Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra and Paris Chamber Orchestra.

She also performs as a flute and piccolo soloist with a variety of ensembles such as the Kehler Kammer Orchester and Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra.

She also puts her expertise into teaching, group training and has spent the last year involved in the DEMOS culture project for children from areas subject to urban policy or rural areas without enough cultural institutions.


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Directeur : Hubert Niess


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