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Morgane Ji,

Morgane Ji is a melting pot singer from the Réunion, cradled by her Armorican mother, the secret of her roots lies in the middle of the Indian Ocean. 

The international record label Patch B was looking for unusual voices and asked her to be the lead singer on one of their productions in 2000. 
The album "Noah’s boat" produced by Patch B, distributed by Night n’ day in France and Discovery in the UK, saw the group perform outside France... 
(Cargo, Jazz Café in London, University of East London, University of East Anglia in Norwich etc.)

Her sometimes sensual, sometimes wild and sometimes warrior voice uses sound in an unconventional way with personal subjects...
And when she's feeling suffocated by the fetters of words, she frees herself with odd flurries of onomatopoeia.

She has been spotted by The Irish Times in Dublin, Folk Roots in London and Jean Louis Foulquier in Paris... the press have called her a "phenomenal singer "

2003's "Ma" marked the beginning of her collaboration with the multi-instrumentalist artistic producer E.r.k.
The album "" was recorded, produced, directed and mixed by the pair in 2007. Morgane Ji and E.rk founded their own record label in 2008.
They're currently finalising their next album. A world straddling folk-ethno-rock and electro progressive...


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Directeur : Hubert Niess


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